Cupcakes for YOU!: Special Prospective Students’ Day Tea Time!

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Join us as we bribe the love of prospective and current students with mini cupcakes, witty banter, and a year’s worth of no-strings-attached paper editing*.

*The last thing is a complete lie.  There will be no editing.  But there really will be cupcakes.  The witty banter?  Maybe. 

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Society’s Tall Tales: Housewives, Bodice Rippers, and the Debate over Possible Feminisms


Is there such a thing as a feminist housewife, or is that another tall tale society weaves for its little (and grow-up) girls?  Can a woman who chooses to stay at home be as free as those who enter the workplace, or is domestic bliss just a form of house arrest?  Maybe the answer is, “Both.”  Or maybe “real” feminists should skip all the debate and read these tales, instead.

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All Road Leads to Yes: Tea Time Flowchart Fun

In case you were wondering, you should come to our next tea time on April 4th.  Here’s some visual proof.

WC ASD Tea Time Ad

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For All the Single Ladies: Is There a Crisis in the American Marriage Market? And How Can Successful Women Negotiate New Gender Norms and- GASP!- Dating Pitfalls?

lichtensteinThis week we’re sharing links about a perceived crisis in the American marriage market.  Thanks to a rash of articles in recent years, a frank and fascinating discussion of changes in American attitudes toward– and opportunities for– marriage has taken the internet by storm.  In many case there’s been a resulting discussion of a much wider and potentially more significant transformation in the way that men and women (sometime statically conceived categories in these articles) relate to one another and their perceptions of the future.

What do you think?  Is there a crisis in American understandings of gender and marriage?  Are you skeptical of the conclusions made here?  Are you in despair?  Do these arguments matter at all?  Share your thoughts!

*“All the Single Ladies” get schooled on the crisis

*Does “hanging out” spell the end of courtship?

*“Black, female, and single”

*The changing rules of dating, according to Olivia Wilde and “Girls” star Zosia Mamet

*The corrosive effects of texting on romance…or not.

*When dating advice sounds like: “Embrace all the men in your orbit.”

*Marriage on the decline and why we should care

*The terror of “A Million First Dates” and the antidote to its doomsday prophecies

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Visit the Div School Women’s Caucus on Twitter and Pinterest

The Women’s Caucus is on Twitter and Pinterest!  Come visit us for religion-related links, career advice, inspiring stories of female leadership, and more info about our members.

DSWC Pinterest

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Upcoming Events: Faculty/Staff Tea Time and Q&A with Jennifer Oldstone-Moore


TEA TIME:  This Friday’s tea time will be a faculty/staff/student event!  If you’re dying to hang out with Wendy Doniger or rub shoulders with Dean Mitchell, here’s your chance!   Please join at at 4:30 in Swift 201.  As always, drinks and snacks are on offer.

Q&A SESSION: On Thursday, January 24th at 2pm we’ll be hosting a Q&A with Professor Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, professor of religion and literature at Wittenberg College.  Professor Oldstone-Moore will also be presenting earlier in the day as part of the Div School’s pedagogy initiative, and will be available to us to answer questions and share strategies about life as a female academic.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Thanks and happy new year!


Lovely Links: The Gender Gap

This week we have links that are all about “the gender gap.”  Whether it’s electoral politics, professional salaries, or conduct in the classroom, these articles take note of a distinct separation– a gulf, even?– between men and women.

*Women, men, and the 2012 election

*Is feminism creating a harmful classroom environment for young boys?

*Girl brain: Venus.  Boy brain: Mars.

*Differences between men and women in university classes

*The vicious cycle of the gender pay gap

*The global gender gap is closing, but the US lags behind other countries

*David Brooks thinks only girls like books about feelings

*Scholarly publishing and the gender gap

*Has the struggle for women’s equality made the gender gap worse?

What are your thoughts on a “gap” between the genders?  Is the concept really just unhelpful essentializing?  Is there (still, really, actually, etc?) a gulf between the behaviors, experiences, and opportunities of men and women?  Tell us what you think!

Have an article you want to share?  Email us ( or add it in the comments!


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